Food, Meals and Children

This CD resource is written for upper primary children (ages 7-11) but can be used with older and younger age groups. It starts with children’s lives in the UK and then introduces four Ugandan children. Natasha, Sam, Edison and Paul are all in class Primary Six in Uganda, but in very different situations: a city girl, a town boy and two rural lads.

Médecins Sans Frontières A-level French video resources

These French language resources from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK are free and can be downloaded for use in the classroom. They are short videos accompanied by a transcript and an exercise. The aim is to provide authentic and engaging resources, as well as to raise awareness of MSF’s work in the field

Practical Action video gallery

Practical Action video gallery

Practical Action’s schools video gallery contains a number of short films from Practical Action that teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools may find useful as support material or starting points for lessons across the curriculum.


This website aims to provide efficient and comprehensive access to statistical data on world issues. You select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size according to the data

It Makes You Think!

This booklet and accompanying website aim to support teachers in enriching science teaching at Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) through developing the global dimension to the subject.

Football and Freedom

Football and Freedom is an online resource pack from the NUT bursting with fun and informative teaching resources and activities for teaching children about South Africa through football. It enables teachers to use the excitement around the World Cup