Citizenship education: the global dimension

This guidance book for secondary teachers brings together ideas about how to bring the global dimension into citizenship teaching. It offers ideas for both whole school approaches as well as lesson ideas for all areas of the curriculum.

Cities and Citizenship

This highly practical resource includes a variety of lively classroom activities for Citizenship teaching and learning.
It is divided into four sections: Setting the Context; Stimulating Ideas; Citizenship in Action; and Moving Forward.

Citizen, state and nation

This book for pupils aged 16 to 19 aims to bridge the gap between school and university Geography teaching and learning. The book includes ideas for discussions, projects and field work. It covers a number of themes and contemporary issues

This is History! The Holocaust

These books provide history-based approaches to teaching citizenship. The pupil book is divided into 9 sections, each structured by a specific question. These include ‘what was it like to be Jewish in Europe in the 1930s?’ ‘How did Hitler make German

Human Rights in the Curriculum: History

The book is divided into three sections – Human Rights Education, Classroom Activities, and Information and Resources. The first section provides reflections on human rights education and the last section contains a summary of the UN Conventions

Participation: Spice it up!

This fun and lively manual provides more than 40 tried-and-tested activities and games to get children and young people involved in the decision-making process.

Whose Citizenship? A Teacher’s Toolkit

This handbook shares ideas developed by teachers from the West Midlands region as part of a collaborative project. It is a toolkit aimed at enabling students to explore global citizenship and provides a range of ideas that can be used and adapted for different contexts.

Cheshire Voices

An interesting collection of stories from people living in Cheshire with roots in other parts of the world. This book highlights and celebrates the cultural diversity that exists in Cheshire and attempts to challenge stereotypes that people may have