Whole School Development and the Global Dimension

This report focuses on embedding the global dimension across the whole school. It outlines the many elements that contribute to this process, and provides a range of examples of current practice from across the UK, together with detailed information

Geography: The Global Dimension

This booklet helps teachers to consider the value and practice of addressing the global dimension in geography education. It looks at what the global dimension is, and why and how to teach it in the context of Geography.

Get Global!

Get Global! presents a clear rationale for integrating a global dimension in the primary curriculum and uses subject and thematic contexts as doorways through which children can explore global links. The book is for all primary teachers

Stride online magazine

This twice-yearly online magazine, produced by IDEAS in Scotland; contains a wealth of resources and information on global issues, and takes a critical look at how to teach the global dimension.

The Global Dimension in Action

This publication is aimed at school leaders and teachers of all subjects across England, and is a guide to developing a global dimension within the curriculum. It includes 14 case studies from diverse schools around the country demonstrating their

A Global Dimension to Science Education in Schools

This is a free online course from the Open University. It focuses on the importance of including a global dimension to science lessons. It addresses questions such as: “What contributions to science have been made by those outside the ‘Western world’

Welcome to My World

This activity pack is aimed at primary teachers, and explores the day-to-day lives of children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. These real-life accounts are brief (two pages each), and cover issues of migration, poverty, health, environment, and urban and rural living conditions.

Rehearsing the Event

This booklet shares ideas on how Theatre in Education (TIE) can aid the teaching of citizenship in schools. It outlines the basic principles of TIE and Citizenship, and showcases creative case studies illustrating good practice at each Key Stage.

Developing global citizens within Curriculum for Excellence

This resource is for all practitioners and partner organisations engaged in Scottish education seeking to develop children and young people as active global citizens. It aims to provide inspiration and ideas for classroom learning and to stimulate

Meet Zogg – book and video

This charming big book, with beautiful illustrations, tells the story of Zogg, an alien from a planet made only from other people’s rubbish. He thought Earth looked beautiful with its sparkling oceans and thick forests – and decided to visit.