Mission: Explore

This isn’t really a teaching resource, and it’s not very obviously ‘global dimension’ but it’s well worth including on this website because – well, it’s just inspirational. Written by the intriguingly named “Geography Collective” this little book

What Parents Want

This report presents the findings from a YouGov survey of parents’ attitudes towards their children’s education. The results show that parents of school-age children think it is vital that schools teach about the wider world.

Little Blue Planet: Investigating spaceship earth

This resource from the Geographical Association introduces pupils in years 1–3 (ages 5-8) to the small planet we call home. Pupils explore a range of topics, including: different ways of mapping the world; why we have daytime and nighttime; reasons

Are we nearly there?

This resource from RISC helps teachers at all levels to identify how far their school has got on the journey towards becoming a ‘global school’ – one where global citizenship is embedded across the curriculum and throughout the school ethos.

Africa United

Free online teaching resources based on the film Africa United, which tells the story of three Rwandan children and their bid to achieve their ultimate dream – to take part in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Football World Cup in Johannesburg.

Picture the Global Dimension

This is a classroom photo activity based on pictures chosen for the Global Wallplanner 2010-11. It can be adapted to suit all age groups and can relate to a variety of different subject areas – or could be used in tutor time or after-school clubs.