Eco-Fish is a fun game for students to play competitively and thereby learn about the global issues surrounding a natural resource. Students are divided into country teams. They ‘go fishing’ and quickly learn that they have to negotiate rules to ensure the fish stocks don’t run out.

PACE Virtual Explorer for Science

This resource is based on a set of environmental education films created for the Pan African Conservation Education Project (PACE), an initiative which aims to communicate practical solutions to environmental problems across the continent of Africa.

The End Of The Line

Free online teaching resource based on the documentary film ‘The End Of The Line’ which explores the effect of overfishing on the world’s oceans. Features a range of activities including key scene analysis and exploration of issues such as the impact

It Makes You Think!

This booklet and accompanying website aim to support teachers in enriching science teaching at Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) through developing the global dimension to the subject.

Focus on St Lucia

Focus on St Lucia shows how the island is changing, with a particular emphasis on tourism and the environment, and has photographs that show the island in a modern light.