Luís and Richard live in Peru

This big book follows the life of two brothers living in Peru. You meet their family, find out about the town they live in (where it never rains), learn about their home, school and church – all illustrated with lovely photos.

Celebrate! Connections among cultures

This book shows how different cultures around the world celebrate. It draws out comparisons between cultures, and shows how many cultures celebrate similar things, such as being thankful, marking changes, or important people and events.

Young children & global citizenship

This book focuses on the global dimension to citizenship in early years and primary teaching. The main content of the book is the activity ideas and examples from the 150 teachers who were involved in its development (yes… 150!).

101 Games for Social Skills

An interesting book that provides a wide range of games and explores their importance and role in the development of personal and social skills for young children. All of the games have been tested in schools and ideas are based on research and consultation.

Samira’s Eid

An excellent dual language picture book to introduce during the month of Ramadan for pupils at Key Stage 1 and 2. This book has colourful pictures that follow a lively story of two Muslim children who are fasting during the month of Ramadan

Small World series

This is an excellent series of dual language reading books for pupils at Key Stage 1. They pinpoint different food around the world, different reasons for smiling, different ways of celebrating and different things that people carry around, with phot

Masai and I

As Linda learns about the Maasai people from East Africa in her American inner city school, she feels a strong bond with them. As she goes about her daily life, she imagines what it might be like to be a Masai girl doing similar things.