Issues Today Series

A series of photocopiable resource books on contemporary social topics for 11-14 year-olds. Each one contains a wide range of current information from newspapers, magazines, group literature, statistics, cartoons and government reports.

Sustainable Farming & Development

Sustainable Farming & Development

This DVD resource pack, produced by Excellent, a small charity working in dryland Africa, includes two films, one on sustainable farming and one on sustainable development.

Farm Animals & Us

The materials in this pack raise awareness of the need for humane and sustainable farming, and explore existing problems with the treatment of farm animals. It contains detailed lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and ideas for classroom discussion.

Food Stories

Where does the food on your plate come from? How old is the recipe? Who invented it? How were the ingredients produced? Where and when were the vegetables picked? Who picked them? These are just some of the question on Food Stories, a colorful websit

Friends of the Earth Information Booklets

Energy and climate change, wildlife and habitats, food and farming, and transport are all issues tackled in these beautifully designed booklets. Each one contains background information, presents practical solutions and has information on what you

Practical Action technical briefs

Practical Action technical briefs

Technical briefs are documents produced by Practical Action which are freely available to people in the developing world. They provide detailed technical information on a variety of subjects ranging from how to make jams and pickles to how to build a flood-proof house or an aerial ropeway.

Just Coffee

This report and documentary film explore the issue of how consumer choice impacts upon coffee producers and the environment. The film includes interviews with coffee farmers, market experts, consumer organisations and some key figures in the internat

Food & Farming – local & global

This booklet looks at how food is produced in the UK and worldwide and questions what is behind our food production. It is relevant to many subject areas at primary level, and explores questions such as who grows our food, what are their lives like

Lessons in sustainability

An excellent resource book compiled by teachers from the West Midlands for teaching and learning about sustainable development issues. It was produced in the context of the World Summit on sustainable development in Johannesburg (2002) and highlights

One Child One Seed

A bright counting book with clear and large colourful photographs. The numbers 1-10 refer to the number of people or items on each page. It tells the story of how one pumpkin seed is looked after and grows into a pumpkin.