Letterbox Library

Letterbox Library is a not-for-profit social enterprise and co-operative that has been running for nearly 30 years and specialises in multicultural and inclusive children’s books. Their books are sourced from a range of UK and overseas publishers and

Ethical Purchasing Guidance for Schools & Colleges

This free guidance document will assist schools and colleges with ‘Ethical Purchasing’. It has been developed by the Centre for Global Education York together with the Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation.

Tocuaro – A Mexican Village

These materials from the Geographical Association present primary pupils with a full and balanced picture of life in Tocuaro, a small village in the centre west of Mexico, as seen through the eyes of three generations of the Horta family.

Life on the Edge?

This is a GCSE Geography Toolkit from the Geographical Association exploring extreme environments – perhaps the most distant, both spatially and experientially, from the everyday lives of students.

African Gardens DVD

This DVD is the perfect way to start on an engaging school gardening project. It is full of great film clips – animations and instructional videos where learning is brought to life as African young people teach you and your pupils all sorts of useful

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – Education resources

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an independent charity which supports schools and teachers in using the framework of a ‘circular economy’ to present a real alternative for students to discuss and debate. They have worked with teachers, subject

Encounter Edu – Oceans

Encounter Edu has developed a range of online enquiry-based education programmes and lesson plans aiming to ‘bring the oceans to the classroom’. They incorporate scientists’ experiences and research gained during expeditions to the Arctic and the

Rainforest Adaptations

Rainforest Adaptations

The Eden Project has created this 1.5-hour science lesson challenging secondary students (ages 11-16) to think more creatively about plants’ evolutionary adaptation.