Brazil in the School

Written by a team of four British teachers and edited at the Embassy of Brazil, this website provides a set of free, up-to-date educational resources about Brazil for teachers and pupils in British schools.

Concept Cartoons

Concept cartoons

A series of five Concept Cartoons produced by Millgate House Education in partnership with Practical Action.
They help pupils explore environmental issues that affect the lives of people around the world, including those living in developing countries.

Rivers of the world

This education pack and online starter activities support Key Stage 2 primary school pupils (ages 7-11) to explore the topic of rivers, including ideas for working on this topic with a partner school in another country.

The Alps: Opportunities and Challenges

The Alps: Opportunities and Challenges - Cover image

Filmed in the French town of Chamonix in the Alps, this DVD resource explores the social, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges facing the region.

One day, one world

This short film follows two children in Bangladesh and England, during the course of a day. They get up, go to school, help around the house, eat and pray. The film highlights issues around food, water, religion and the environment to help stimulate classroom discussion.

Follow the Things

Follow the Things

This website looks a bit like a shopping website, but all is not as it seems. If you click on the different ‘departments’ you will find lots of ‘products’. But clicking on these products will lead you to films, research and articles about where these products have come from, and whether the production has involved human rights abuses or exploitation or environmental damage.

Ask the Expert: Liam Carr (Overfishing)

An interview with an expert on overfishing in the Caribbean. The reefs surrounding this tourist hotspot have been declining for the last 30 years as a result of overfishing, a decline in sea urchins, an emergence of algae and eutrophication.