Teach fractions and global land use simultaneously – PiCaM

The students discuss the distribution of land use patterns in different countries and, at the same time, get into the topic of ratios. The climatic and geographical differences in terms of land use are also addressed. They work with data and get to know advantages and disadvantages of simplification and modelling and question the use […]

Extreme Weather – KS2 Geography Resources

Teach your pupils all about Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods with Twinkl’s fantastic array of Extreme Weather activities for KS2 Geography students. Learn how these unpredictable weather features occur with our informative PowerPoints, and test student knowledge with our focused quizzes and reading comprehension activities covering each example of extreme weather. Perfect for physical Geography lessons, these resources will help your KS2 classes comprehend natural weather examples and better understand the world around them, and our wide selection means there is sure to be something to fit every kind of lesson plan imaginable.