Global Energy Security

What makes some countries more energy secure than others and what are the strategies that can be pursued to improve security? With case studies from the EU, Iceland, China, India, Canada and the US, this DVD provides a wealth of contrasting examples

Brazil in the School

Written by a team of four British teachers and edited at the Embassy of Brazil, this website provides a set of free, up-to-date educational resources about Brazil for teachers and pupils in British schools.

Concept Cartoons

Concept cartoons

A series of five Concept Cartoons produced by Millgate House Education in partnership with Practical Action.
They help pupils explore environmental issues that affect the lives of people around the world, including those living in developing countries.

Light and Light Technologies – photo-teaching resource

Light is the ultimate source of life and energy for most living things on Earth. This resource features 33 photos covering a wide range of light-related topics, with suggestions for teaching and learning activities, plus links to further information

Power for the world

Working in teams pupils explore issues around renewable energy in the developing world and build their own wind turbines. Through an interactive starter activity pupils discover how energy access via the National Grid differs between their own country and Kenya.

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

The aim of this debate kit is to show students just how complex the issue of electricity distribution is, and to encourage them to reflect and explore some of the main ethical, social and political issues surrounding this topic.

Global learning in the science national curricula

These documents show how global learning can be linked to the difference science curricula in the UK and give examples of Practical Action’s teaching resources and other materials that can be used to support delivering science lessons.

Siemens UK Education – Teaching Resources

Siemens is a global engineering and electronics company working in four business sectors: energy, industry, healthcare and infrastructure & cities. It has developed a range of interesting and challenging Schemes of Work for Key Stages 3 & 4 (ages 11-16) based on the technologies it is developing in these sectors.