Water and the Oceans

Water and the Oceans

This new Activity Kit explores Water and the Oceans. With the BBC’s Blue Planet raising awareness of the amount of plastic in our oceans and its damaging effects, this activity kit explores threats to the planet’s oceans and sustainability.

Barefoot futures: taking action towards the SDGs

Students making solar cars as part of the session_Hogan Lovells

This resource, aimed at 9-11 year olds, encourages students to reflect on various challenges facing their communities and the world, and think from the perspective of others. It introduces them to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the part everyone has to play in achieving these.

Natural resources

Natural Resources image

This unit for Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) provides a series of lessons, activities and associated materials focusing on natural resources.

Smoky Homes

Smoky Homes

This STEM project from Practical Action provides a real-life context for upper primary pupils to explore the health and environmental problems faced by the 3 billion people globally who cook on open fires or traditional cook stoves.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy: How can we keep the lights on?

This resource has been developed by the British Council in partnership with the Royal Society. It focuses on the topic of renewable energy and has a range of activity ideas to help students age 7 to 14 discuss and explore the subject in more depth.

Design for a better world

Design for a better world

This is a set of resources from Practical Action which presents a global design challenge for students aged 11-14 years.

Science and Global Citizenship

This free short guide from Oxfam, produced in partnership with the Association for Science Education, explains the benefits of a global citizenship approach to science and has practical ideas for implementing it in topics such as water, energy and ecosystems.