One Planet City: what makes a brilliant city?

This resource helps schools benefit from lessons learned during one city’s journey towards sustainability. It brings to life the concept of ‘people living happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet’ through fun activities

Lendwithcare Schools Resources

These schools resources enable students to learn about the recipients of Lendwithcare microfinance loans and the different ways in which the international community can help people living in poverty.

Follow the Things

Follow the Things

This website looks a bit like a shopping website, but all is not as it seems. If you click on the different ‘departments’ you will find lots of ‘products’. But clicking on these products will lead you to films, research and articles about where these products have come from, and whether the production has involved human rights abuses or exploitation or environmental damage.

Booming giant

This resource looks at the dynamic relationship between people and resources, with a focus on China. China has emerged as a leading Newly Industrialised Country (NIC) and is challenging many conventional powers to become the world’s largest economy. However, this rapid economic development has had effects elsewhere, impacting on fuel, interest rates and health. This […]

Cloud of controversy

A case study to highlight the social, environment and ethical responsibilities of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) operating in the developing world. In 1984 a deadly cloud of poisonous gas was emitted from a TNC pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. At