Just Living? GCSE Resource

This is a free, online Christian Aid GCSE Religious Studies resource, supporting elements of the syllabus relating to morality, ethics, community and Christian teaching on responding to others’ needs.

Crazy Climate Resource Pack

This set of resources from Christian Aid explores the issues of climate change and poverty. It tells the stories of young people living in different countries where Christian Aid works, and their experiences of extreme weather. It encourages pupils

Christian Aid secondary assemblies

Christian Aid has produced a range of free, ready-to-use multi-faith secondary assemblies that bring global issues of poverty and injustice to life.
Each assembly includes a suggested script on a PDF, with ideas for reflection and further action

Stop Disasters

This free online game is provided by the UN’s International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). It is targetted at children aged between 9-16 and aims to teach how villages and cities can be made to be more resilient to disasters. By playing the