New resources from CAFOD about their emergency response.

Who’s most at risk?

This is a role play activity from Practical Action that enables pupils aged 11-18 years to understand some of the key factors that place people around the world at risk from the effects of natural hazards.

Beat the Flood

Beat the Flood is a STEM challenge from Practical Action. Suitable for KS2-3 (age 7-14); pupils use their STEM skills to design and build a model of a flood-proof house.

Montserrat: Living with Volcanoes

This DVD presents a case study of a volcano in a Less Economically Developed Country (LEDC). It provides a clear explanation of the processes causing Montserrat’s recent volcanic activity. It then assesses the social, economic and environmental impacts of the continuing eruptions.

The Haiti Earthquake: Impacts, Responses and Vulnerability

This DVD resource exemplifies the effects of a geo-hazard in a Less Economically Developed Country (LECD) – the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The film first sets out Haiti’s historical context to explain why the impacts were so devastating.


Launched in March 2005 by Christian Aid and the Irish development agency Trocaire, togetherTV gives individuals in the developing world a rarely heard voice.

Tropical Storms: Bangladesh’s Cyclone Aila

This DVD includes footage shot during and after a recent cyclone in Bangladesh. It explores the causes, impacts and management of tropical storms in a Less Economically Developed Country.