P4C: The Fairest Queen of All

This fictional story by Jason Buckley from The Philosophy Man tells the tale of a Queen who is trying to ensure that the laws are fair to all her people.

Burma Kite Tales

Children in Mynamar _British Council

This resource explores stories of the lives of the people of Myanmar, enabling pupils to consider and contrast oral history traditions, daily life, cultural and religious traditions with their own community.

Political Literacy: An End to Apathy?

ShoutoutUK students

Matteo Bergamini, the Founder and Director of Shout Out UK  explains the thinking behind their flagship Political Literacy programme,  which aims to get more young people interested and engaged in politics by teaching them about the processes within politics, public speaking and debating.

Global Justice in Easier English

Global Justice in Easier English - image

These three booklets use ‘easier English’ versions of New Internationalist articles to explore a wide range of global justice issues. For use in English/Literacy and ESOL classes for students aged 11 and above.

Arrivals: Making Sheffield Home

Arrivals: Making Sheffield Home

This teaching resource is based on a photo-exhibition documenting and celebrating the diversity of Sheffield’s population through portraits of 72 people who arrived in the city from another country between 1945 and 2016. It is made up of four lesson plans comprising PDFs and PowerPoints.

Votes for Women: the first mass petition

Votes for Women

This online resource brings the women’s suffrage campaign to life for students aged 11-14. It explores the 1866 petition which called for women’s right to vote and was signed by women across the UK.

Extreme Dialogue – Chris and Damian’s story

Extreme Dialogue - Chris and Damien's Story

A counter-extremism educational resource that aims to reduce the appeal of extremism and offer a positive alternative to the increasing amounts of extremist material and propaganda available online.