RISC Resource Bank

RISC’s interactive Resource Bank supports the effective delivery of Global Citizenship across the curriculum. Choose from thousands of photos and artefacts from many different countries, plus teaching packs and books along with schemes of work and

Raya’s Globe

Raya is a little girl living in California. As she plays with her new globe a friend asks her: ‘Where are you from?’ Raya has Palestinian parents, she was born in the Lebanon, brought up in Dubai and now lives in America, so how does she answer that question?

British Museum Maths Resources

The British Museum has created a set of PowerPoint resources for KS1 which explore colour, pattern and two-dimensional shapes using museum artefacts. They show how ancient cultures used colour, pattern and shape to make sense of the world around them

Our Africa website

Our Africa is a website developed by SOS Children, a charity that has been working in Africa for the past 40 years. The aim of this ambitious project is to let children across Africa film their lives and countries the way they see them.

Sustainable Farming & Development in Dryland Africa

Excellent is a charity working in rural dryland Africa to develop and apply the technology of sand dams – enabling subsistence farmers to get access to clean water and grow enough food to eat, store and sell. This pack consists of a DVD with films

Reel Lives Shanghai

This cross-curricular, interactive DVD from Music for Change contains over an hour’s video footage shot on location in Shanghai, plus an image library, a teacher’s guide and suggestions for upper primary (KS2) activities and resources.

Children’s World Atlas

Children's World Atlas

Divided by geographical region, this beautifully illustrated World Atlas looks at the way in which communities and cultures across the world have been shaped by their natural environment, how all parts of the planet are interconnected and the challenges which face us all in creating a sustainableļ¾ future.

There You Go!

This satirical cartoon booklet from Survival International takes a wry look at the concept of ‘development’ and aims to communicate simply what is wrong with imposing external notions of development on indigenous communities. It is available free

Mangoes & Bananas

Kanchil the mouse deer and his friend, Monyet the monkey, plant some trees and look forward to eating their fruit. When they are finally ripe, Monyet climbs the trees to pick them. But once he gets up there, Monyet can’t resist eating all the fruit