Mexicolore – Aztecs

Mexicolore is a small, independent, artefact-based teaching team which has been providing in-school workshops and teaching resources on Mexico and the Aztecs/Mexica for over 30 years. They have developed an extensive website all about the Aztecs whic

Frameworks for Intercultural Learning

This website aims to stimulate debate about some of the issues which lie at the core of global intercultural learning. It is designed for teachers, students in training and all those who are interested in intercultural relations.

Children’s Voices

This DVD video package focuses on the intercultural experiences of children as EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners and their perspectives when finding themselves in culturally and linguistically unfamiliar classroom situations. Reflecting on their experiences, the children provide fascinating insights into classroom life and language learning.

One Day

A beautiful, vibrant story following 15 different children from around the world through a 24 hour period. Readers find out all about their different families, homes, schools, meals and much more. They also discover how time zones work, and what’s happening on one side of the world while the other side sleeps.

Storylink Kochi Pack

This pack focuses on Kochi, a city situated in Kerala, southern India. The city is home to a diversity of people. The stories in the pack draw on real people and settings, thus allowing children to appreciate the lifestyles of the people of Kochi, their city and its surrounding area.

Tocuaro – A Mexican Village

These materials from the Geographical Association present primary pupils with a full and balanced picture of life in Tocuaro, a small village in the centre west of Mexico, as seen through the eyes of three generations of the Horta family.

Tocuaro Map

This map from the Geographical Association has been specially designed to help young pupils learn about the village of Tocuaro in Mexico. Using the map to make geographical enquiries will help pupils learn about distant places.

St Lucia Map

This map from the Geographical Association (GA) has been designed specifically for junior children (ages 7-11). Colourful and easy to read, the map shows all the features which junior children will need for a locality study of St Lucia.