A Crude Awakening

Free online teaching resource based on the documentary film A Crude Awakening, and designed to explore issues relating to the world’s oil reserves. Provides an opportunity to engage with the issues raised by the documentary and consider the approach

Beem Explores Africa

This is a beautifully illustrated book from a Nigerian publisher. In it, we are introduced to a young Nigerian girl called Beem, and we follow her as she explores the continent of Africa, meets its people and animals, and visits its key geographical

Planet Cork

Planet Cork is a website aimed at primary school teachers and children who are learning about sustainable development. It explains in a fun way the unique properties and benefits of cork, a natural material that has been used by humans for at least

Tree of Life

If every known species on Earth were a leaf on a tree, the tree would have almost 2 million leaves. Humans are just one leaf on this tree of life. This book is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the incredible variety of life on Earth.

Friends of the Earth Information Booklets

Energy and climate change, wildlife and habitats, food and farming, and transport are all issues tackled in these beautifully designed booklets. Each one contains background information, presents practical solutions and has information on what you

Exploring Our World

This is a very good, well-produced, comprehensive, active learning resource for helping students to investigate interdependence and social justice. It is set within the island of Ireland and at the international scale.

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

A great book which illustrates the well-known message about the interdependence of life attributed to Chief Seattle, a leader of the Northwest Indian Nations nearly 150 years ago.