Tropical Rainforests: Sustainable Management

Tropical Rainforests Sustainable Management - Cover image

Ecuador needs to exploit the Amazon’s resources to develop. Leaving it untouched is not an option. This DVD looks at the challenges of achieving sustainable management in the Amazon rainforest.

What’s eating you?

What's eating you?

This is a series of secondary lesson plans from the Eden Project that gets students exploring ecosystems and science communications. The content is all based around the species in Eden’s Rainforest Biome (but you don’t need to visit to do the lessons).

Discovering Galapagos

Galapagos is a group of volcanic islands 1,000km from the Ecuador coast. Its unique wildlife has inspired theories that have changed understanding about life on Earth. This website aims to engage students in the sustainable development of Galapagos

Digital Explorer – Voices of Conservation

Digital Explorer has developed a range of online teaching resources to help teachers bring the issue of conservation into the classroom using the case study of the rhino in South Africa.

Pupil power

A case study detailing work by British schools working with local communities in Lesotho. The project included delivering renewable energy, communications, environmental sustainability, education and AIDS prevention in the developing world. AIDS devastates countries such as Lesotho by resulting in large orphan populations and rendering many unable to work. This resource could be used in […]

Digital Explorer – Oceans

Digital Explorer has developed a range of online enquiry-based education programmes and lesson plans aiming to ‘bring the oceans to the classroom’. They incorporate scientists’ experiences and research gained during expeditions to the Arctic and the