The Colour of Home

Everything looks grey and brown to Hassan – he’s in a cold, rainy country and people speak a language he doesn’t understand. At school he paints the sun-splashed colours of his Somalian home, covering it with the harsh reds and blacks of war


This is a wonderful book. It is a picture book that shows the world changing year by year as a mother and her child look through a window. There are no words, but the collage on each page shows how a wilderness becomes more and more built up,


When Ling Sung starts school he discovers he can’t do things that other children do. He can’t tie his laces or write his name. Ling Sung never wants to go to school again. Then one day Ling Sung discovers he can do something extra special

Another Spanner in the Works

This book gives lots of practical advice and suggestions on how teachers in white areas can challenge racism and help children develop respect for diversity, opennes and acceptance. The book tackles difficult issues with a clear, accessible approach

Just Coffee

This report and documentary film explore the issue of how consumer choice impacts upon coffee producers and the environment. The film includes interviews with coffee farmers, market experts, consumer organisations and some key figures in the internat

Schola’s Story

Schola’s Story shows the life of a child growing up in Uganda. The story describes Schola’s day, from getting up early and doing the chores, going to school, playing with her friends and going to bed. The book was written and edited by children who

Towards Ubuntu

This book is designed primarily for teachers in training, and initial teacher education tutors, although anyone interested in the values and principles underpinning education would also find it useful.

Gregory Cool

Gregory Cool tells the story of a city boy who goes on holiday to visit his grandparents living near the sea on the Caribbean island of Tobago. At first Gregory is dismissive of their rural life – the food is strange, the sun too hot, and there are

Family Album

This is a useful teaching pack for using photographs in the classroom. The pack includes 32 colour images depicting life in the UK, showing a variety of ages, and backgrounds.

Jamaica: Out of Many – One People

This teaching pack brings alive life in Jamaica for Primary children. The book includes a variety of activities, from creative writing to becoming a reporter, from studying source material to role play. The book deals sensitively with teaching about