Dollar Street

Dollar Street

This fantastic online photo-resource features photos from over 240 families living in 50 countries around the world. The site arranges them all on a street called Dollar Street, in order of their monthly income. Select from 100 topics to compare photos showing aspects of everyday life, often surprisingly similar for people on the same income level across cultures and continents.

Global Learning and Clothes

This edition of our termly activity kit provides ideas and information for ways to use the topic of ‘clothes’ to teach and learn about the global dimension.

Follow the Things

Follow the Things

This website looks a bit like a shopping website, but all is not as it seems. If you click on the different ‘departments’ you will find lots of ‘products’. But clicking on these products will lead you to films, research and articles about where these products have come from, and whether the production has involved human rights abuses or exploitation or environmental damage.

Help the aided

A case study highlighting the challenges in delivering effective aid to the developing world. Zambia had the world’s lowest life expectancy in the world in 2004. Second-hand clothes donated by Western charities are harming local businesses in Zambia, as these local manufacturers have to open up their markets to international markets to receive aid from […]

Get thinking global

This activity kit aims to help you begin your global dimension journey, or think about where to go next. It starts with young people’s own lives, giving you ideas on how to encourage students to explore the ways their daily choices and actions…

Ethical Textiles

Filmed in Bangladesh, one of the world’s largest textile manufacturers, this resource explores the social cost of our cheap textiles. With footage filmed inside a number of Bangladeshi textile factories, it explores the issues of sweatshop labour, poor working conditions, a fair wage and the right to unionise and asks who is responsible?