Discovering Nepal

This DVD pack brings a global dimension to the Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) curriculum using tried and tested active learning methods from development education practice alongside real life stories and photographs of the work of PHASE in Nepal.

Child Soldiers – Ishmael Beah

Three short films of former child soldier Ishmael Beah telling his story to secondary school students, plus an activity sheet.

Respecting Rights

This assembly introduces the idea of human rights, and the rights of children, starting by looking at the agreements we make that shape the way we behave at school and at home. To some extent it assumes that your school has some form of negotiated

Thinking Rights

Thinking Rights

What happens when rights seem to conflict? This resource from UNICEF UK builds on pupils’ previous experience of working on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It encourages young people to develop concepts and skills that will improve their thinking about the nature of human rights.

Helping Prisca – basic needs and sustainable help

Helping Prisca

A collection of three lessons that explore comparisons between the UK and Kenya, basic needs (and wants) and different ways to help people in Africa. These lessons are all written for the Geography and Citizenship curriculum – living in a diverse world.

Schools in Zimbabwe

Schools in Zimbabwe

Find out what a normal day is like for a child in Zimbabwe. This lesson introduces a simple ‘day in the life’ of rural children in Zimbabwe. You can explore similarities and differences with your own pupils’ days.

Problem solving lesson set in an orphan household in Uganda

Matia's tough choice

This lesson takes the story of Matia and shows the realities for a group of orphans in Uganda. Pupils are asked to empathise with the orphans’ dilemma and discuss what choice they should make using the scenarios and facts given to them

African Walk on Wednesday – Walk to School

African Walk to School

This Walk on Wednesday, why not do something different to motivate your pupils and help them be healthy and learn about Africa while they walk? You’ll be joining in with the thousands of children across Africa who walk to school every day.