Helping Prisca – basic needs and sustainable help

Helping Prisca

A collection of three lessons that explore comparisons between the UK and Kenya, basic needs (and wants) and different ways to help people in Africa. These lessons are all written for the Geography and Citizenship curriculum – living in a diverse world.

Floating Garden Challenge (2020)

Another great hands-on STEM activity from Practical Action, suitable for for all ages between 7-19. The problem: In Bangladesh land is frequently flooded as a result of climate change, ruining crops grown for food. The result is that families go hungry.

Harvest pumpkin soup lesson and recipe

This practical lesson will help pupils to think about harvest in the UK and African countries through making a tasty soup and looking at the ingredients in a sorting activity.

Just Living? GCSE Resource

This is a free, online Christian Aid GCSE Religious Studies resource, supporting elements of the syllabus relating to morality, ethics, community and Christian teaching on responding to others’ needs.

Global Explorers

Global Explorers is an interactive whiteboard resource for primary schools from Christian Aid, accessible free online as web pages. It features facts, quizzes, video footage, photos, lesson plans, worksheets and the real-life stories of children all

Sustainable Farming & Development in Dryland Africa

Excellent is a charity working in rural dryland Africa to develop and apply the technology of sand dams – enabling subsistence farmers to get access to clean water and grow enough food to eat, store and sell. This pack consists of a DVD with films