Just Living? GCSE Resource

This is a free, online Christian Aid GCSE Religious Studies resource, supporting elements of the syllabus relating to morality, ethics, community and Christian teaching on responding to others’ needs.

European Wealth, African Poverty: Why?

A secondary History and Geography resource, using images to investigate and question the history of poverty in Africa. It unravels seven myths about why Africa has become poorer since 1500, while Europe has become richer.

Médecins Sans Frontières A-level Geography Resource

This teaching and learning resource for A-level Geography has been developed by MSF in partnership with the Geographical Association and an expert advisory group of teachers.
Looking at tectonic activity and hazards: earthquakes, this up-to-date


This website aims to provide efficient and comprehensive access to statistical data on world issues. You select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size according to the data

For Richer and Poorer?

This GCSE Geography Toolkit from the Geographical Association explores uneven development – disparities in global development and the distribution of resources. This subject is of vital interest to young people, who are often outraged by extreme examples of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’.

Picture my World

Picture my World is a website for primary children produced by the Catholic aid charity CAFOD. It is packed full of photographs taken by children in the UK, Cambodia and Rwanda and also has lots of fun games and stories and film clips

Into Africa

Into Africa explores our connections with the diverse continent of Africa, aiming to teach about the interdependence of places and to explore our place in the world with a critical mind.