Building Successful School Partnerships

This publication from Oxfam covers the key questions schools and teachers need to consider before embarking on a school link. It looks at the educational opportunities, the potential pitfalls, the commitment to an equal partnership, the cornerstones

Educational Support for Fundraising

Raising money can be a springboard to help young people become active global citizens in a range of ways. This guidance from Oxfam encourages teachers and pupils to consider some important questions before raising money for charity


TrueTube is a free online resource for schools providing a platform for debate on social, ethical and political issues. It is aimed at RE, PSHE and Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4. Short video clips encourage young people to think, discuss and enga

Recovered Histories Website

The Recovered Histories website gives an insight into the history of enslavement and those who fought to maintain and abolish it. It makes accessible over 800 pamphlets relating to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, covering a century of campaigning in

The Atlas of Climate Change

This atlas examines the reasons behind climate change and its possible impacts on people, health, water resources, ecosystems, coastal cities and cultural treasures.

Stride online magazine

This twice-yearly online magazine, produced by IDEAS in Scotland; contains a wealth of resources and information on global issues, and takes a critical look at how to teach the global dimension.

The Global Dimension in Action

This publication is aimed at school leaders and teachers of all subjects across England, and is a guide to developing a global dimension within the curriculum. It includes 14 case studies from diverse schools around the country demonstrating their

A Global Dimension to Science Education in Schools

This is a free online course from the Open University. It focuses on the importance of including a global dimension to science lessons. It addresses questions such as: “What contributions to science have been made by those outside the ‘Western world’

Just Linking

This handbook and DVD for primary teachers offer a guide for successful linking within the UK. It outlines potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to use a school link to build cross-cultural awareness, how to plan exchange days, and classroom.