Year of the Rooster Education Pack

Year of the Rooster education pack

This education pack for UK primary schools educates young people about the world around them and gives them an understanding of other countries and cultures in preparation for life as global citizens.

Be choosy about your food!

The focus of this assembly is food choices, using a story from South Africa. Starting with a choice that children make every day (ie: what to have for breakfast), and using the story One Child One Seed, the assembly explores what influences our


Launched in March 2005 by Christian Aid and the Irish development agency Trocaire, togetherTV gives individuals in the developing world a rarely heard voice.

Food glorious food!

This activity kit is focused on primary classrooms and has lots of activity ideas, suggestions, photos and web links to help you explore the global connections of food. It explores basic food facts; food in art and music; food as a theme for…

Crazy Climate Resource Pack

This set of resources from Christian Aid explores the issues of climate change and poverty. It tells the stories of young people living in different countries where Christian Aid works, and their experiences of extreme weather. It encourages pupils

Christian Aid secondary assemblies

Christian Aid has produced a range of free, ready-to-use multi-faith secondary assemblies that bring global issues of poverty and injustice to life.
Each assembly includes a suggested script on a PDF, with ideas for reflection and further action

Sunny Schools Teaching Resources

Sunny Schools

Sunny Schools is a UK education project run by SolarAid. They have a number of KS2 teaching resources available to download free from their website. These tackle issues of climate change and energy, and bring to life the science of renewable energy.

Twenty One Assemblies for Primary Schools

This set of 21 assembly plans focuses on child rights and special days of the year, such as World Refugee Day, International Day of Disabled Persons, and World Health Day. Each assembly features stories from children around the world and includes