Just Living? GCSE Resource

This is a free, online Christian Aid GCSE Religious Studies resource, supporting elements of the syllabus relating to morality, ethics, community and Christian teaching on responding to others’ needs.

Crazy Climate Resource Pack

This set of resources from Christian Aid explores the issues of climate change and poverty. It tells the stories of young people living in different countries where Christian Aid works, and their experiences of extreme weather. It encourages pupils

Global Explorers

Global Explorers is an interactive whiteboard resource for primary schools from Christian Aid, accessible free online as web pages. It features facts, quizzes, video footage, photos, lesson plans, worksheets and the real-life stories of children all

Let’s Make a Difference

A resource for primary school teachers to help tackle the topic of racism, using insights from Jewish teaching and experience. This publication examines ways of combating stereotyping and racism and will help educate young people about immigration,

Reel Lives Shanghai

This cross-curricular, interactive DVD from Music for Change contains over an hour’s video footage shot on location in Shanghai, plus an image library, a teacher’s guide and suggestions for upper primary (KS2) activities and resources.

Morocco – a Learning Journey

This teachers’ pack, with accompanying CD-ROM and web links, brings Morocco right into the primary classroom. It has been developed by teachers and educationalists involved in a British Council project linking York and Morocco.

Poverty to Prosperity Challenge Pack

This teaching resource is designed to complement the Citizenship, Geography and RS curriculum, and it can also support community cohesion, active citizenship, critical thinking and greater environmental understanding.