Time to Flee

A one-hour lesson from Amnesty International for use with young people aged 11-16. Aims to help understand why people become asylum seekers and the difficulties they face on arrival in another country. Available in both English and Welsh versions.

A Long Way to Cherry Time

Through learning about prisoners of conscience and the ‘disappeared’, students can explore basic human rights, including the right to assembly, the right to a fair trial, and the right to freedom of speech and religious expression.

Right Up Your Street

Designed to encourage students to explore human rights, this resource (available as a free poster or PDF download) uses a cartoon as a stimulus for debate. The picture, set on an imaginary street, presents lots of different scenarios of people who ar

The Cave of the Yellow Dog

This free online teaching resource from Film Education is based on the film The Cave of the Yellow Dog. Following a nomadic Mongolian family, The Cave of the Yellow Dog tells the story of a young girl who finds a dog that she wants to keep. Her father, however, thinks the dog has been attacking […]

Chaga and the Chocolate Factory

We all know the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this version of the tale turns out a little different. Set in Mali, Chaga, from a poor family, is invited to go to a chocolate plantation where he dreams of having his own bicycle, eatin

Pa Pa Paa

The activities on the Papapaa website explore six main areas: what goes into a chocolate bar; where it is grown (with a focus on Ghana); the trade system and benefits of fair-trade; shopping choices in the UK; tasks to consolidate what students have

Growing Up Global

This comprehensive handbook has a range of activities that can be used in nurseries, toddler groups and by childminders. The first section focuses on themes such as food, family and the environment and the second uses six countries as starting points for activities.

Celebrate! Connections among cultures

This book shows how different cultures around the world celebrate. It draws out comparisons between cultures, and shows how many cultures celebrate similar things, such as being thankful, marking changes, or important people and events.

Escape to Safety interactive exhibition

Escape to Safety exhibition

This interactive exhibition gives pupils a chance to experience life as an asylum seeker. The exhibition is in a large box trailer, where pupils take part in a role play, and hear refugee stories from Rwanda, Afghanistan and Palestine.

All you need for a refugee assembly

This teaching book includes three assembly ideas and three lessons plans which explore the theme of refugees in the UK. The assemblies consider who are refugees, and how they are portrayed in the UK media.