Farm Animals & Us

The materials in this pack raise awareness of the need for humane and sustainable farming, and explore existing problems with the treatment of farm animals. It contains detailed lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and ideas for classroom discussion.

Welcome to My World

This activity pack is aimed at primary teachers, and explores the day-to-day lives of children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. These real-life accounts are brief (two pages each), and cover issues of migration, poverty, health, environment, and urban and rural living conditions.

CAFOD Fairtrade Activities (Primary)

CAFOD Fairtrade Activities (Primary)

The Catholic aid agency CAFOD has developed a range of primary school teaching resources which highlight and explain the issues of fair and unfair trade for producers around the world.

A Child’s Eye View of Festivals

These vibrant and colourful DVDs are designed especially for young children to introduce them to a variety of festivals. As well as mini-documentaries following families through traditional celebrations, the resource is packed with songs, stories and activities that young children can carry out at school.

Exploring Our Roots

This excellent teaching pack uses interviews and thoughtful, structured activities to explore the experiences of immigrants to Britain from the 1940s to 1975. It concentrates on the lives of Black and Asian people and raises awareness of the history, experience and culture that they bought with them.

Water: The Works

This poster from DFID highlights key facts related to water issues across the globe in an interesting graphical format. It includes scaled water-drops that demonstrate the average daily water use per person in different countries, and information on

Making Sense of World Conflicts

This extensive resource from Oxfam is suitable for upper secondary teaching in English, Citizenship, PSHE and Media Studies. The book includes 22 lesson plans that focus on a number of themes related to conflict.

Developing Rights

This is a high quality set of resource materials for 11-14 year olds that addresses a range of human rights issues such as violence (including bullying), equal opportunities, futures, access and disability. Students’ concerns are addressed in terms


Adinkra cloth is hand-printed with symbols representing Ashanti knowledge and history, proverbs, beliefs and values. Using the symbols and other artefacts as a starting point to learn about Ghana’s traditions and contemporary life, this handbook provides an inspiring learning resource which challenges stereotypes

Climate Choices – Children’s Voices

What is climate change? What causes it? What can I do? These are all questions that are explored on this website from Practical Action. The practical classroom activities present the issues in an easy-to-follow format, which will engage pupils in the questions and help them to make informed responses to the issues.