Shooting Dogs

This free resource from Film Education is based around the film Shooting Dogs, which explores the atrocity of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide through a fictional story set in a school, where a British priest and teacher become caught up in the violence. The activities explore the historical background to the genocide and, more generally, colonialism. […]


This study guide resource from Film Education uses the film Amistad as a starting point to explore the history of slavery. The guide contains lots of background information on slavery from biblical times through to the end of the American Civil War. It discusses different forms of slavery, the transatlantic slave trade and chattel slavery, […]

Escape to Safety interactive exhibition

Escape to Safety exhibition

This interactive exhibition gives pupils a chance to experience life as an asylum seeker. The exhibition is in a large box trailer, where pupils take part in a role play, and hear refugee stories from Rwanda, Afghanistan and Palestine.

The Cost of Coffee

This teaching pack investigates world coffee markets, and the causes and consequences of a recent drop in coffee prices for farmers and the economy.The book includes lessons about media literacy, corporate social responsibility, the role of international charities, and fair trade.

Homebeats: Struggles for Racial Justice

This is a really excellent and innovative anti-racist and interactive resource of value in any secondary school or other youth/community setting. It is organised in five main interlinked sections: images, memories, people, places (Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, USA and eight key locations in the UK), and visions.

From Prejudice to Genocide

This is an excellent resource for teaching about the Holocaust. It traces the history of anti-semitism, and includes the experiences of gypsies, homosexuals, people with disabilities and others who were persecuted. Themes of collaboration, indifference, obedience, dehumanisation, resistance and rescue are explored.