Growing bananas

A whole class trading game with background information including photos of the banana production process. During the simulation pupils ‘grow’ bananas from scrap paper, think critically about a range of situations facing banana growers, make decisions

Climate Change – local and global

This web-based resource follows on from – and replaces – a now out-of-print publication, ‘Climate Change~ local and global’, and draws upon the ideas of many Tide~ teacher groups working with Key Stages 2 and 3 in the West Midlands. It offers key

Human Rights in the Curriculum: Mathematics

This innovative resource for secondary teachers brings a new approach to mathematics teaching.
It introduces human rights through a series of 30 mathematical activities. The book is well laid out, and easy to follow with pupil worksheets alongside

If the World Were a Village

This colourful book helps to illustrate several ideas about human development, by imagining that today’s world population equates to 100 people.

Lessons in sustainability

An excellent resource book compiled by teachers from the West Midlands for teaching and learning about sustainable development issues. It was produced in the context of the World Summit on sustainable development in Johannesburg (2002) and highlights

One Child One Seed

A bright counting book with clear and large colourful photographs. The numbers 1-10 refer to the number of people or items on each page. It tells the story of how one pumpkin seed is looked after and grows into a pumpkin.