Products of Slavery

There are at least 12.3 million people working in forced labour (modern day slavery). Investigations show that forced labour is used in 58 countries to produce 122 types of product. This poster and website show the products and locate them on a world

The Atlas of Climate Change

This atlas examines the reasons behind climate change and its possible impacts on people, health, water resources, ecosystems, coastal cities and cultural treasures.

UNEP Grid Arendal Maps and Graphics Library

This is the website of an ongoing United Nations Environment Programme project to collect and catalogue maps and graphical images relating to environment and sustainable development. Topics include poverty and the environment, water, climate change,

New Internationalist Peters Projection World Maps

New Internationalist offers a variety of world maps in different formats, including:
Peters’ Projection laminated map, which presents countries in their true proportion to one another
Peters DVD, with a documentary about the originator of the

India Map

Produced by the Geographical Association, this A2 full-colour map of India is aimed at Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11). It will help familiarise students with the main physical and human features of India. On the reverse of the main map, there is a smaller