Meet Zogg

This charming big book, with beautiful illustrations, tells the story of Zogg, an alien from a planet made only from other people’s rubbish. He thought Earth looked beautiful with its sparkling oceans and thick forests – and decided to visit.

Climate Choices – Children’s Voices

What is climate change? What causes it? What can I do? These are all questions that are explored on this website from Practical Action. The practical classroom activities present the issues in an easy-to-follow format, which will engage pupils in the questions and help them to make informed responses to the issues.

Children’s Rights: A teacher’s guide

This guide will support any teacher looking to educate children on their universal rights. It has a straightforward guide to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and explains where each of the rights fits into the UK curriculum.

Peace One Day Citizenship Resource

This free resource aims to advance active citizenship in the areas of conflict resolution, global citizenship, human rights and the link between sustainability and peace, using Peace Day (21 September) as a focus.

Mad about… posters

This series of six colourful posters introduces some of today’s biggest global issues to a primary audience. Each poster comes with a lesson plan, suitable for teaching within primary Citizenship, English, Geography and ICT.