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Where Will I Live?

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Where do you go if your home is no longer safe? Every child needs a home. They need somewhere safe where they can be happy, eat their meals with their family, play with their toys, and go to sleep at night feeling unafraid. This photo-based picture book for younger readers takes a look at the thousands of children around the world who have been forced to leave their homes because they are no longer safe. Because of war and conflict, they and their families have become refugees. For them life is hard and full of questions. In spite of everything, they find time to laugh, play, and make friends. And most importantly, they have hope that somewhere, someone will welcome them to a new home. The book has been put together by Rosemary McCarney, former head of Plan International Canada. It is aimed at ages 4 and above, and the stunning photos will engage young children in issues of refugees, war and conflict.


Child Rights, Social Justice

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Early Years: ages 3-5, KS1: ages 5-7


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