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What is a Digital Citizen?

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Back in 2017, the Children's Commissioner published it's Growing Up Digital report. It noted that whilst the internet is an extraordinary force for good, it was not designed with children and young people in mind. Yet one third of all internet users are under 18, with the average 12-15 year old spending over 20 hours a week online. It is therefore vital that all young people leave school understanding what their rights and responsibilities are online.

In the delivery of this resource your students will explore what is meant by the term ‘digital citizen’. They will also examine what rights they have online and consider which individuals and organisations have responsibility for ensuring those rights are protected.

In the second half of the resource students are introduced to real-life examples of how digital technologies have been used to bring about positive change. Students are also challenged to consider how they can use technology in a positive way.

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Child Rights, Media, Internet and Technology

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KS3: ages 11-14


Citizenship, Computing / ICT

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