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The Silence Seeker

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When a new family moves in next door, Joe's mum explains that they are "asylum seekers". Joe hears that they are "silence seekers", especially as Mum adds that they need peace and quiet. When he sees a young boy from the family sitting disconsolately on the steps, Joe decides to help him find a quiet place in the noisy and chaotic city. This is a thoughtful story for ages 5-7, with vivid illustrations. It is likely to provoke lots of discussions and questions, not just about issues of immigration and asylum, but about friendship, homelessness and city life in general. The publishers, Tamarind, have provided an activity sheet as a helpful starter, but teachers are sure to find many more ways to link this book to aspects of Citizenship and PSHE. Download Tamarind Books Activity Sheet on The Silence Seeker (PDF) There are also some great activities suggested on the Schools Linking website: Silence Seeker - Exploring the Words We Choose And in this YouTube clip, the author Ben Morley talks about how he's used the book in school:

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Industry and Economy, Social Justice

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