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Saving the Planet One Science Lesson at a Time

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Amy Strachan and Jemima Davey

Saving the Planet One Science Lesson at a Time, by Amy Strachan and Jemima Davey, provides a framework for embedding global issues into primary science learning. Using the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals, the book provides 17 chapters full of ideas and enquiry activities to add purpose and value to science education. It's available to purchase via the link for £25 (use the code SVPLNT5 for £5 off!).

Each chapter includes:

  • A summary of the global issue in relation to science learning (Key understanding)
  • A relatable context through which to engage learners (Goal in context)
  • A big question to discuss (Critical thinking)
  • Some ideas for responsible action related to the goal (Taking action)
  • Links to science knowledge and skills (Core)
  • Purposeful enquiry ideas (Curious)
  • Some ideas and inspiration from around the world (Connect)
  • An opportunity for responsible application of learning (Create)
  • A detailed purposeful enquiry
  • A picture page to support critical thinking and creativity.

With downloadable lesson slides for each chapter, the resource can be used for individual lessons or a whole school approach to science learning, so together we can save the planet, one science lesson at a time.

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Environment and Sustainability

Age Ranges

KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11



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