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Liven up your literacy lessons with gripping stories and colourful activities from ActionAid that show what life is like for many child refugees. Use these resources to build literacy and empathy, and to help your class to answer questions such as: 'How is life different for child refugees?' and, 'if you were a refugee, what would you take?' Ten-year-old Hamam undertook a long and dangerous journey from Iraq, but it would have been even more dangerous for him to stay. To show your class what life is like for real child refugees, Hamam's engaging story is packaged with:
  • Literacy worksheets to encourage your pupils to read Hamam's story in detail
  • Discussion starters to show your class the kinds of tough decisions real child refugees have to make
  • An online app to help your class answer the question: If you were a refugee, what would you take?
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Compassionate Values, Equality, Globalisation and Interdependence, Social Justice

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KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11


Citizenship, English / literacy, Geography

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