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Philosophy for Global Learning – tried and tested stimuli - CDEC

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Philosophy for Global Learning has been created as a flexible and practical resource for teachers of all levels of experience. It is for those who want to teach global awareness to children through the structure of Philosophy for Children. Philosophy for Global Learning is aimed for use with children in Key Stage 2 but some parts can be used with younger children. Divided into three sections, with an introduction, P4C Session and resources, much of the P4C session section has split pages. We would also like to credit Helen Griffin with the 'Concept Target: real and not real' activity on page 67-68, 'Concept Building: big ideas' on page 71 and 'Concept Play: How you interpret a word' on page 72. Thank you for allowing us to use them. Contact Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) for more details of how to get your copy:

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Globalisation and Interdependence, Social Justice

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KS2: ages 7-11


English: literature / story, Geography, Spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC)

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