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Little Worm's Big Question

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Little Worm is the humble but intrepid hero of our tale. Feeling downtrodden and without self-confidence, he embarks on an epic quest to ask each of the animals he meets - what is it that makes them feel special..? On this wild roller coaster ride through a mesmerizing variety of beautifully painted habitats, he meets the biggest (a blue whale), the fastest (a falcon), and finally, the most intelligent (a human). But it’s only when he returns home that the heartwarming and uplifting truth finally dawns on him… This is a wonderful book for children (and adults!) with low-key messages about self-worth, diversity and sustainability, conveyed through marvellously colourful illustrations. The language used is probably more suitable for older primary, but younger children will also love having it read to them. Read more about the inspiration behind this book in the authors' guest blog: What's so special about Little Worm?


Environment and Sustainability, Equality

Age Ranges

KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11


English: literature / story

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