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How do we know it's working? Book 2

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This toolkit has been created in collaboration with teachers across Europe and in Ethiopia, to provide an innovative and exciting selection of activities for measuring attitudes and attitudinal change in pupils. The activities support teachers in effectively targeting their delivery of Global Citizenship / Global Learning, and measuring how successful they are being. The activities are divided into five chapters, themed around the five Global Citizenship concepts of: Diversity, Human Rights, Interdependence, Sustainability and Peace & Conflict. Each activity is accompanied by at least one case study where teachers discuss how they developed, adapted or used the activity, and what impact it has had. All activities can be adapted for different Key Stages (age ranges) and can relate to multiple curriculum areas. The toolkit is accompanied by an interactive website with resources and tools to support you in carrying out the activities in your classroom, together with more case studies, links and teaching ideas. This is a really comprehensive set of resources and activities to help teachers deliver successful Global Citizenship / Global Learning, and to support critical thinking about the world in both students and staff.

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Compassionate Values, Environment and Sustainability, Equality, Globalisation and Interdependence, Peace, Conflict and Justice

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Early Years: ages 3-5, KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11, KS3: ages 11-14, KS4: ages 14-16, KS5: ages 16+


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