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Each Picture Tells a Story

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This resource from Oxfam focuses on the lives of young people in Viet Nam and allows learners to use a collection of photographs and the stories behind them as a starting point to deliver a unit of work for the English curriculum. As part of an innovative project, children from ethnic minority groups in Viet Nam were taught to use cameras and asked to capture events from their daily lives. The result is a fascinating collection of photographs and stories which can be used as a starting point for developing learners' spoken language, reading and writing skills, and visual literacy. This resource is divided into six sessions which provide material for literacy lessons that can last from one to two weeks or more. Where possible the activities and resources are differentiated to meet the needs of different learners in the class. The focus is on the English curriculum and building key skills such as speaking and listening, conveying information to an audience through retelling, and planning and editing written work. However, there are also links to other subject areas such as Maths, Geography and PSHE - as well as a recipe for sticky rice cakes!

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KS1: ages 5-7, KS2: ages 7-11


English / literacy

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