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Developing global citizens within Curriculum for Excellence

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This resource is for all practitioners and partner organisations engaged in Scottish education seeking to develop children and young people as active global citizens. It aims to provide inspiration and ideas for classroom learning and to stimulate thinking about integrated approaches to developing global citizens within Curriculum for Excellence. It aims to encourage practitioners to take a fresh look at global citizenship and reflect on the opportunities it can provide through stimulating and relevant contexts across the curriculum as well as active and collaborative learning and teaching approaches. The first section explores the ideas that define global citizenship within Curriculum for Excellence. It provides starting points for conversations with others or personal reflection on practice. The second section highlights the importance of the role of the practitioner and a co-ordinated whole school approach in developing the attributes, knowledge, skills and values of global citizenship within learners. This is followed by six summaries of innovative practice in developing global citizenship from learning centres across Scotland. Throughout the document, questions for reflection are posed to stimulate thinking, ideas and discussion with colleagues and learners. To support this resource, there are additional documents available online including planning grids, PowerPoint presentations, video clips and fuller versions of the included case studies.

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Globalisation and Interdependence

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