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All Kinds of Homes

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All Kinds of Homes is an interactive book for young children. It explores the types of homes that people live in all around the world, from Cambodian village houses to Bedouin tents in the Middle East. It looks at where people live (cities, rural areas, deserts etc), what houses are made from and different cooking and sleeping areas. The book presents opportunities for discussing lots of different cultures and an understanding that no matter where you live, there is no place like home. At the back of the book there are two patterns to make your own house, either an apartment building or a river house. There are lots of other 'All Kinds of...' books available from Tango Books, we've just mentioned a few on this website.

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Equality, Globalisation and Interdependence

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Early Years: ages 3-5, KS1: ages 5-7


Art and design, Citizenship, Geography

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