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Addressing extremism and radicalisation lesson plans

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A series of four lesson plans for Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16) with a specific focus on addressing extremism and radicalisation of all kinds, from the PSHE Association, commissioned by Medway Public Health Directorate. Schools can build pupils’ resilience to extremism and radicalisation by supporting inclusion and a sense of belonging in the community and by providing a safe environment for debating emotive issues. As part of this whole school approach, PSHE education lessons can develop knowledge and understanding of the factors that lead to extremism, and skills such as critically evaluating the media and the messages of charismatic speakers and groups, as well as developing attributes such as resilience, empathy and respect for others. These lessons take a very thoughtful approach. They not designed to be taught in isolation, but should form part of a planned, developmental PSHE education programme. The focus is on extremism of all kinds, including far-right groups, far-left groups, animal rights extremism, eco-extremism and religious extremism. The aim is to build pupils’ understanding of these issues and to build resilience to the divisive narratives and ideologies spread by extremists of all kinds.

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Compassionate Values, Equality, Peace, Conflict and Justice

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KS4: ages 14-16



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