Zlata’s Diary

KS2: ages 7-11Book

Zlata’s diary sensitively conveys the experiences of war from the perspective of a child caught up in conflict. Zlata was ten years old when she started her diary in 1991 when she describes a happy life in Sarajevo with her family and friends. The following entries describe her emotions and experiences of war and conflict and her subsequent escape to safety in France with her family.

The book is particularly accessible to younger children who can follow her account, individually and in groups, consider and relate to these personal experiences. The themes raised in the diary address learning objectives for literacy, PSHE and Citizenship and can be used to plan cross-curricular learning opportunities. In particular, the book can be used to encourage reflection and discussion about spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues using imagination to understand other people’s experiences and the differences and similarities between people.

This book is a valuable addition to any school library and classroom.

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