Women and development

KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+Website

The empowerment of women has a key role to play in sustainable development. Entire communities benefit from gender equality, as closing gender gaps can enhance economic efficiency, make policies and institutions more representative, and improve development outcomes for the next generation. This is why gender equality is highlighted in Goal 3 of the Millennium Development Goals (Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women), and their 2015 replacement, the Sustainable Development Goals, will continue this focus with another goal specifically targeting women.

This resource on the Geographical Association website aims to support teachers and students aged 14-16+ investigating women in development. It aims to:

  • provide a base for teachers who wish to incorporate Women and Development into their lessons, eg when teaching the key concepts of international development
  • help meet the goals of the Global Learning Programme; for students to gain additional knowledge about globalisation and the causes of global poverty and what can be done to reduce it
  • provide a resource for students to work independently
  • encourage a critical approach to thinking and pedagogy in curriculum making.


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