Whose Citizenship? A Teacher’s Toolkit

KS3: ages 11-14Book

This handbook shares ideas developed by teachers from the West Midlands region as part of a collaborative project. The book is described as a ‘teacher’s toolkit’ that explores strategies aimed at enabling students to explore global citizenship and provides a range of ideas that can be used and adapted for different contexts.

It is organised around three main areas of investigation: ‘identities’, ‘who decides?’ and ‘our involvement’ that are clearly structured by an enquiry framework with links to related resources. Each section begins with principles and pitfalls for investigation and includes ideas for activities, tools of the trade and more detailed case studies of schools.

A range of learning approaches are utilised throughout including stories for reading and discussion, analysis of survey data, photographs, and newspapers for research and presentations. The activity suggestions are brief with practical guidance and possibilities for enquiry rather than specific curriculum links and objectives.

It is helpful to read the case studies that present the experiences of specific schools and what they have learnt from organising council meetings and student led projects. The book also includes information about useful resources, organisations and websites.

Overall, a useful starting point that shares ideas about exploring the local and global dimensions of citizenship.


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