We work together – Can you?

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The Interfaith Education Group has developed this teaching resource. It contains a four-page spread of 11 activities with suggested age ranges from 5 to 18 for use in a classroom or youth work context.

There are a range of interactive activity ideas including group discussion, creating posters and newspapers, assembly presentations, role-play and web-based research. The activities are particularly useful for providing ideas about how issues of identity, conflict, racism and the role of the media can be addressed in the classroom with quotations and web addresses.

Interactive methodology encourages the development of skills for critical analysis of information, discussion and reflection. There is limited background information (historical, social, economic, political) about the issues raised and this needs to be supplemented by the teacher.

This resource provides a useful introduction to issues of conflict and diversity that need to be developed and related to broader issues of human rights and responsibilities, development and inequalities.

The Interfaith Education Group is made up of a range of faith-based and secular agencies including CAFOD, Muslim Aid, Jewish Council for Racial Equality and the Citizenship Foundation.


Items available

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    • Poster, Teacher's Notes and activities are on the Oxfam education website.
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    • Poster
    • PDF

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